Building the market for carbon removal

On May 27, we sat down for a chat with Peter Reinhardt of Charm Industrial.

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A standard for net zero

To solve climate change, the world needs to get to net zero carbon, fast: drastically cutting emissions from every part of the economy and removing what’s left.

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Frame of video showing Maddy Rotman of Imperfect Foods speaking on a farm

Celebrating climate leaders, Earth Day and every day

This Earth Day, we made a quick video to spotlight and celebrate the hard work of climate leaders at companies.

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Curved wooden bridge extending forwards into a luscious forest

Launching the Watershed Directory

We’ve assembled a searchable directory of companies building high-impact climate programs.

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Aerial photo of downtown Manhattan

Decoupling work from carbon

In the coming months, companies will invite millions of employees back to work as we (hopefully) turn a corner on COVID-19. As companies invent new ways to work, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink the carbon impact of the workplace.

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Soaring view of a waterfall aginst a beautiful green landscape

Bending the carbon curve

Companies that manage carbon like they manage their core business are leading the way on the fight against climate change. We’re building Watershed to make this approach—deep reductions, fast, operationalized across the company—a standard part of doing business.

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Building a world-class climate program

Climate programs are fast becoming standard for companies. Investor pressure is building and climate disclosure is required for large companies in the UK and Europe. Talented employees want to work at companies that are acting on climate. And customers expect to buy from low-carbon companies. This is good for business—and it’s critical for the planet. So, where should you start?

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Square cash register sitting on a wood checkout counter in a clothing boutique

Square: from zero to net zero in six months

Square’s vision is to help create an inclusive global economy where everyone can participate and thrive. The potentially catastrophic effects of climate change threaten that vision, especially for underserved communities around the world.

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Shopify merchant updating their store's website on a tablet

Shopify: building a 100 year company

Over the past fifteen years, Shopify has grown from just a handful of people in a coffee shop in Ottawa to a team of over 7,000 powering more than 1,700,000 businesses worldwide. But for a company with a one hundred-year vision, it’s still early days, and one of the most serious long-term threats to success is climate change.

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